Hyaluronic Acid

What is hyaluronic acid, and what does it do?

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide of the skin, a natural component, which decreases over time. It has the ability to attract the body’s water like a sponge, as a result of which it ‘fills’ the injected area.

Hyaluronic acid is used for:

  • facial volume restoration,
  • creating lip volume,,
  • hydration.

Along with butyl toxin, hyaluronic acid is the number one non-invasive treatment with impressive results.

From what age can hyaluronic injections be used, and who is it aimed at?
Hyaluronic acid can be used from the age of 25. Hyaluronic acid can be combined with other treatments at the same time, depending on the requirements.

Hyaluronic application process
The application of hyaluronic acid is very simple and does not require any preparation or sensitivity test. It only takes a few minutes of the hour. Hyaluronic acid is very well tolerated by the body and its injection is not painful. After marking the injection points in consultation with the person concerned, we proceed with the application, injecting the amount needed to achieve the desired result.

How long do the results of hyaluronic acid last?
The duration is from 12 months to 18 months. This is a completely natural treatment. The results are immediately visible. After application, absolutely no precautions are needed.

Recovery – Recovery time after hyaluronic acid
Recovery is immediate. The person concerned immediately returns to his/her activities. There is nothing to testify to the treatment with hyaluronic acid.

Additional Information – Frequently Asked Questions about Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic injection plumps and lifts the tissues, improving relaxation.

Hyaluronic fills:

  • the nasolabial wrinkles
  • smoker’s wrinkles
  • the corners of the mouth (lifting – lip lifting, Smile Lipt = Lip + Lift)
  • the cheekbones (cheekbone and nasolabial facelift)
  • the wrinkles on the forehead
  • the chin

What if I decide not to repeat the hyaluronic acid treatment?
In the event that treatment with hyaluronic acid is stopped, there will be absolutely no impact or side effect. On the contrary, newer research has shown that hyaluronic acid treatment promotes collagen production at the injection sites. For this reason, even when its action stops, the benefit of neocollagenogenesis continues to exist and is not lost.

Why should I choose hyaluronic over a permanent product?
The tendency is to prefer a non-permanent product because the volumes change over time and additional relaxation is created. So the facial volumes ‘move’ due to gravity, while the permanent product does not move and remains in place. The result after many years will be unnatural.

Results – Duration of Hyaluronic Acid Treatment?
The results are immediately visible at the time of treatment. In 7 days we have stabilization of the result. Hyaluronic comes and “sits” in the area better. Duration of results depends on injection site and depth. In general, hyaluronic acid lasts 1-1.5 years.

Cost – Hyaluronic Acid treatment price
The cost depends largely on the product to be used. In any case, this is a treatment with low cost and impressive results.

Hyaluronic acid treatment is a routine treatment in Plastic Surgery, and along with butyl toxin, is the number 1 treatment for facial wrinkles and volume restoration in both women and men. The results are natural and immediately, with a duration of 1 – 1.5 years. The success of the result depends on the experience of the Plastic Surgeon, but also his understanding of the rules of aesthetics.

Liquid face lifting

Liquid or Injectable Facelift

The liquid lifting comes to provide an immediate renewal solution lasting two to three years and without recovery time.

Definition of Liquid or Injectable Facelift

It is a combination of Botox Dysport and various other injectable implants – fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Voluma).

With Botox Dysport:

  • soften or eliminate expression wrinkles (forehead, forehead, eyes),
  • we improve wrinkles on the upper lip of the mouth, as well as wrinkles around the mouth,
  • we improve the outline – oval of the face (Nefertiti lift).

With fillers – implants (Restylane, Perlane, Pluryal, Juvederm, Voluma):

  • fill the wrinkles (nasolabial folds, forehead, forehead, upper and lower lip of the mouth),
  • we restore the facial volumes (cheekbones, tear trough deformity – tear trough that forms just below the inner corner of the eyelid, chin, corners of the mouth – mouth lifting, lips – lip contour).

Liquid or Injectable Facelift Procedure
The process is very simple. The plastic surgeon, having thoroughly examined the face, focuses on the areas that need volume, lifting and filling. Then, if necessary, a small amount of anesthetic cream is applied to the face. We start by applying the hyaluronic where needed. We complete the treatment with the injection of Botox Dysport. The whole procedure is completely painless, it is done in the doctor’s office and does not exceed 1 hour. There is an immediate improvement in the shape of the face – softening of wrinkles (hyaluronic action), while the results of the Botox Dysport application start to appear after 4 days. After one week, the treatment can be completed with a chemical peel or a mesolift for radiance and firming.

Recovery – Recovery Time after Liquid or Injectable Facelift
Recovery is immediate, without abstaining from activities.

Additional Information – Liquid or Injectable Facelift FAQs

How long do the results of Liquid Injectable Facelift last?
The duration of the results is from one year to 2 years, maybe even longer. Even when the action of the implants wears off, the person remains benefited.

Why should I prefer hyaluronic that lasts up to 1.5 years over permanent materials that last much longer?
The shape, proportions, features of the face change over time. Permanent materials do not ‘follow’ the features of the face, with the result that after many years the position they have been placed in looks unnatural. In addition, the body can react in the products of permanent materials. Hyaluronic acid is a natural product with a specific life time (it depends on the depth it is injected). An exception to permanent materials is autologous fat, i.e. the fat of our body. With the liposuction method, we suck from the abdominal area a certain amount of fat that we then inject into the face.

By injecting fat, the person benefits twice:

  • creating volume – filling wrinkles,
  • collagen production.

Fat is the least developed tissue in the human body (lame cells), and contains a large percentage of mesenchymal cells that have the ability to mimic the cells of the recipient area. Thus, they adapt more easily to the needs of the skin of the face, produce collagen, elastin, and we have tightening.

Are there any precautions before or after Liquid Facelift?
Precautions are the same as for Botox Dysport and Hyaluronic (avoid lying down for 4 hours after application – for Botox Dysport)

Target Audience;
It is aimed at those who do not want to undergo the inconvenience of the facelift operation and have a small or moderate degree of relaxation.

How many years can one win?
With proper planning by the plastic surgeon, time is turned back by 3 – 5 or even more.

Liquid Injectable Facelift Side Effects
Possible side effects are minor skin irritation that disappears in a few hours.

Cost – Price of Liquid Injectable Facelift
The cost of the Liquid Facelift depends to a large extent on the quantities of the products to be used. In any case, it is adapted to the needs and expectations of the person concerned, always remaining affordable.


The Liquid Facelift quickly and immediately corrects the face painlessly, with the person concerned immediately returning to his/her activities. The Plastic Surgeon, knowing the correct proportions of the face, can with the appropriate manipulations straighten the face, soften the wrinkles and to correct the tumors.

Botox dysport EN

Botox is the world’s number one treatment for facial wrinkles with spectacular results. Botox is a substance that has the property of paralyzing muscle movement. In addition to Plastic surgery, it is also used by other specialties of Medicine for the rehabilitation and treatment of many diseases. In Plastic Surgery, Botox is used to soften facial wrinkles. The dose used is infinitesimal, and the action of the drug is only local. The application of Botox concerns men and women from the age of 25. At younger ages, Botox is mainly recommended for preventive reasons. (Baby botox is the new trend in cosmetic surgery).

Which wrinkles disappear or soften with Botox? With Botox we can soften (when it comes to very deep wrinkles) or disappear:

  • forehead wrinkles,
  • the wrinkles between the eyebrows (lion’s wrinkles),
  • wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet).

In some cases (a necessary condition is that the surgeon has the corresponding experience), Botox is applied:

  • on the upper lip (smoker’s wrinkles),
  • in the wrinkles of the corner of the mouth (puppet wrinkles),
  • in wrinkles in the neck area (vertical chords of the platysma).

We can also correct the outline (oval of the face, Nefertiti Lift).

How long does it take to apply Botox?
The procedure for Botox is very simple. It only takes a few minutes of the hour. No preparation is needed before Botox, the only thing we recommend is not to lie down for 4 hours after the injection so that the product does not move to a different position (something very rare).

Botox application process
The procedure is very simple. It only takes a few minutes of the hour. The Plastic Surgeon marks the Botox injection points with a white pencil, and the application follows. The whole procedure is completely painless.

Recovery – Recovery Time after Botox
Recovery is immediate.

The person concerned immediately returns to his/her activities. The only precaution recommended is to avoid lying down for 4 hours and to take the plane for 1 day.

Additional Information – Frequently Asked Questions about Botox Dysport

Is there a chance that Botox won’t work for us?
After many applications, it is possible that Botox does not ‘take hold’ to the extent that it did before. But even in this case, the results remain just as satisfactory, because over time we need less Botox Dysport.

Side effects from Botox treatment
There are no side effects from Botox when it is applied correctly. It is possible to experience some redness at the injection sites, which disappears in 2 hours. Also, a small ecchymosis – bruise may appear at some point of the injection which is easily covered.

Results – Duration – Repeat Botox
The results from Botox start to show after 4 days, and at 7 days we have about 65% of the treatment effect. There is a 2nd visit in about 2 to 3 weeks (where we have almost 100% of the results) to see if we need to either enhance or correct the effect. The duration of the Botox action is from 4 months to 8 to 10 months. The repetition of the Botox application usually takes place in six months. It is recommended 3 applications in the first year and 2 applications in the following ones. Over time, the intervals become longer, because we now ‘forget’ to wrinkle.

Cost – Price of Botox
The cost of the application is adjusted according to the amount of material to be used.


Botox is the number 1 treatment in Plastic Surgery for facial wrinkles, with no side effects, reversible results and low cost. The experienced plastic surgeon can control the treatment for natural results.

Baby botox EN

Baby botox is the new trend in cosmetic surgery. This term of course does not describe the application of Botox to babies but refers to the application of half the amount of Botox.

With baby botox, the look does not freeze and the facial expression does not change. The movement of the muscles of expression continues with less intensity and wrinkles appear less pronounced.

What are the differences between baby and normal standard – good botox?
The difference lies in the use of a smaller dose, namely half a dose of Botox. Very fine wrinkles disappear, the most intense wrinkles are softened while the expression does not freeze. Baby botox can also be used preventively against wrinkles. The cost of the treatment starts lower than the price of regular botox and depends on the units-quantity that will be used. The duration of its effects may be shorter than the duration of standard Botox.

Target Audience;
It is aimed at younger ages, i.e. from the age of 20, as well as at those who do not want to freeze their expression (for example, actors, teachers and others).

What should we look out for?
The application of baby botox should be done by an experienced specialist doctor. The natural results of the application depend on the amount of the drug and also on the points of its injection.

Extra tip
Botox or baby botox (botox, dysport) can also be applied exclusively to certain parts of the face by weakening a specific group of muscles. Let’s not forget that Botox is not only therapeutic for wrinkles but also preventive for the non-appearance of wrinkles. And in this case the application must be done by a sufficiently experienced specialist doctor for natural results.

For more information on botox.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling definition

Chemical peeling is the process in which a superficial controlled chemical burn is created on the skin, resulting in its renewal.

Purpose of chemical peeling

With chemical peeling, fine wrinkles disappear, deep wrinkles are softened, the appearance and complexion of the skin is improved.

The skin is renewed and its spots disappear. It is a procedure that should be done once a year.

Chemical peeling process
The procedure is simple. The application is done in the doctor’s office, and no preparation is needed at all. The entire application lasts 10-15 minutes.

The next morning it is allowed to wash the face. After the first 48 hours, the exfoliation begins.

Good hydration and good sun protection are recommended. The chemical peeling treatment is applied during the winter (from October to the beginning of April). The whole process can be repeated, if necessary, after 10 days.

Side effects of chemical peeling (peeling)
There are no side effects when the instructions are followed, such as good hydration and sun protection after the peel.

Results of chemical peeling (peeling)
With chemical peeling, the skin is replaced by a new one, the color and texture of the skin is improved, and wrinkles are softened.


Chemical peeling is a treatment for renewing the surface layer of the skin. There is no abstinence from the activities, and it can be repeated when deemed necessary.


Microdermabrasion with diamonds

Diamond microdermabrasion is a non-invasive and painless treatment for immediate skin radiance and rejuvenation.

It is a routine treatment that, with the help of a device, removes the dead cells of the stratum corneum of the skin while at the same time promoting the production of new collagen.

The application takes a few minutes of the hour (15-20), no preparation is needed and the person concerned immediately returns to his/her activities.

What are the indications for the treatment and who is it for?

It is aimed at women and men who have dull skin with pigmented lesions – spots, enlarged pores and very fine wrinkles.

It is also aimed at everyone who wants to maintain a beautiful, clean, shiny and soft skin.


What is the mechanism of action of microdermabrasion?

The method is based on the use of a special suction device that has a head made of diamond-type material at its end.

By applying the head to the skin, mechanical friction-scraping or otherwise mechanical peeling is performed. At the same time, suction promotes the creation of new skin collagen and improves its microcirculation.

Very fine wrinkles disappear while the complexion and appearance of the skin improves.

Treatment results

  • The results are immediately visible.
  • The skin is cleansed and regenerated.
  • Very fine wrinkles and spots – pigmentation lesions are softened.
  • Usually 3-4 sessions are needed for best results.
  • The method can be combined with other treatments, such as tightening or hydration mesotherapy at the same time for better results.

Lip augmentation

How can we improve the outline, the volume of the lips and the shape of the mouth?

On the lips and mouth we intervene:

  • highlighting the lip contour,
  • increasing their volume,
  • highlighting the filter (the two raised imaginary lines located between the upper lip and the nose), giving a more youthful appearance,
  • straightening and strengthening the corners of the mouth (mouth lift),
  • improving lip hydration that diminishes over time,
  • improving fine lines on the upper and lower lip (smoker’s wrinkles).

What material is used for lip plastic surgery?
In recent years we have been using non-permanent materials such as hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm). Hyaluronic acid is a skin polysaccharide that has the ability to absorb water from our body like a sponge. In addition, it has been found that injecting hyaluronic acid stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, resulting in dual benefits: volume and new collagen production.

A more permanent material than hyaluronic acid is autologous fat. The fat injection procedure requires removing it from a part of the body, such as the abdomen, and then injecting it into the lips. For smoker’s wrinkles, Botox Dysport is used in combination to soften wrinkles and Restylane lip Juvederm to fill them, with excellent results.

Lip Augmentation Procedure – Improving the Shape of the Mouth
The procedure of lip augmentation is very simple, fast and with immediate results. We first apply local anesthesia or local anesthetic cream. The entire duration lasts a quarter of an hour, and the results are immediately visible. For this reason, we never overcorrect.

Side Effects – Complications of Lip Augmentation
Possible side effects are minor swelling (lasting 2 days) or some minor bruising (lasting up to 5 days).

Recovery – Lip Augmentation Recovery Time
Recovery is immediate. The person concerned can immediately return to her activities.

Results of Lip Augmentation – Improving the shape of the mouth – Duration
The volume on the lips with hyaluronic lasts 6 months. Fat injection lasts much longer. The other interventions (hyaluronic in the contour, in the wrinkles of the upper lip – smoker, lifting in the corners of the mouth) last more than a year. The results are reversible and controllable.

Cost of Lip Augmentation – Mouth Shape Improvement
The cost of lip augmentation is adjusted according to the amount of hyaluronic acid to be injected. In any case it remains low. Fat injection has a higher cost.


Lip augmentation is an easy procedure, fast, with a controlled and reversible result. The plastic surgeon corrects the shape of the mouth at the same time (mouth lift). Restoring the volume of the mouth and its shape (mouth lifting) is a very common treatment in plastic surgery.

Skin needling EN

What is Skin Needling (microneedling Roller, DermaRoller, Roll-CIT) and how is it applied?

Skin Needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment. The Skin Needling treatment is applied with the help of a small cylinder we call Roll-CIT (microneedling, Roller), which carries on its surface many small needles of infinitesimal diameter. The application of Roll-CIT (microneedling Roller) to the skin creates a micro-injury, without alteration of the skin surface. Injury stimulates all healing mechanisms and creates new epithelium, new elastin and new collagen. In addition to the new collagen formation, we have better penetration of the products applied immediately after the treatment into the skin, and the benefit with the application of Skin Needling is twofold.

Application procedure of Skin Needling (microneedling Roller, Roll-CIT, Dermaroller)?
Before applying the Roll-CIT (microneedling Roller), we apply anesthetic cream to the area for about 20 minutes. We then proceed to apply it (Roll-CIT, microneedling Roller, dermaroller), rolling in all directions to create infinite micro-injuries that will prompt the skin to produce new collagen, new elastin and new epithelium. Finally, we will boost collagen production by applying products from Environ’s Ionzyne Cquence line or mesotherapy multivitamins.

Recovery – Recovery Time after Skin Needling
Recovery is very quick and immediate. Immediately after application, the person concerned can return to work. In the area where the needling has been applied there is slight redness which is easily covered. In one to two days the erythema disappears.

Additional Information – Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Needling

How many sessions of Skin Needling (microneedling Roller, Roll-CIT, dermaroller) are needed?
Usually 4 to 6 Needling sessions are recommended, spaced one week to 10 days apart.

If I do a single Skin Needling treatment, will it work?
The results of needling are not lost, even when the person concerned makes a single application. The healing mechanism is triggered, and the effects of creating new collagen act long-term.

Is the application of Skin Needling painful?
The application of Skin Needling is completely painless. Skin Needling can also be applied during the summer months. Skin Needling is combined with the operation of liposuction – liposculpture at the same surgical time to improve the quality and elasticity of the skin of the liposuctioned area.

What are the areas that can benefit from Skin Needling treatment?
Skin needling can be applied to all skin areas without exception, provided they are free of acne or pimples.

Side Effects – Complications of Skin Needling
There is absolutely no side effect or complication with Skin Needling. The injury is painless, minimal, leaves no scars and is only sufficient to stimulate the mechanisms of healing and new neocollagenogenesis.

Results after Skin Needling treatment (microneedling Roller, Roll-CIT)
With Skin Needling treatment we have:

  • skin tightening
  • disappearance of fine wrinkles
  • improvement of discolorations
  • increased skin resilience

and when applied to the body we have:

  • improvement of stretch marks and cellulitis,
  • scar improvement.

The results are particularly impressive for: 

  • crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eye)
  • the outline of the face and
  • the neck

while there is continuous improvement even after the end of the treatments, i.e. we have the maximum results during the 3rd to 6th month.

Cost – Price of Skin Needling treatment
The cost is adjusted according to the number of areas to be mesotherapy applied and the use of vitamins after the application. The cost does not exceed the cost of mesotherapy.


The treatment with Skin Needling – Microneedling (ROll-Cit, Roller) is a natural regeneration, tightening treatment.

It causes the creation of new collagen in a natural and painless way, based on the principles of the Physiology of the human body (the creation of collagen after trauma).


The combination of mesomega with nappage gives spectacular results, such as:

  • improvement of facial tone and firmness,
  • softening of fine wrinkles,
  • shine. 


Mesotherapy was discovered in France by Piston, and it is an injectable treatment of injecting vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other medicinal substances into the epidermis and into the deeper layers of the skin. They are applied to all ages. They are combined with other treatments, such as Botox Dysport, Restylane, Pluryal, Voluma, Laser.

The mesolift – non-invasive facelift – is carried out with the help of the mesomega device of French origin and with the choice of the nappage technique.

Mesolift – Mesoglow procedure
The process is very simple. The treatment is carried out after applying a small amount of anesthetic cream when deemed necessary. Its duration is 30-45 minutes. There is no pain. The person concerned immediately returns to his/her activities, and nothing betrays the application of mesomega.

Recovery – Mesotherapy Recovery Time
Recovery is immediate immediately after application. No precautions are needed at all.

Additional Information – Mesolift FAQs

Mesotherapy with mesomega gives immediate results (glow), while it continues to act cumulatively with subsequent treatments for 2 to 3 months, creating new collagen. 4 – 6 sessions at intervals of 1 week or more are recommended.

Are the results of mesotherapy – Mesolift permanent?
The results of mesotherapy – Mesolift are permanent. Because the face continues to suffer the wear and tear of time, it is recommended to maintain the result with 2-4 treatments a year.

What are the benefits of mesotherapy – Mesolift – Mesoglow?
Mesotherapy improves skin tone and complexion, giving it shine and firmness. At the same time, it improves freckles and fights the signs of photoaging. The skin acquires a more youthful appearance, becomes more resistant to the environment (stress – sun), and relaxation is corrected.

Side effects of mesotherapy – Mesolift
Absolutely no side effects.

Mesolift mesotherapy results
The results are impressive and cumulative over time. Facial radiance appears 2-3 days after application, while tightening, correction of sagging and all other benefits appear after 15 days and continue to improve for 2-3 months .

Cost – Mesolift mesotherapy session price
It is an impressive treatment at a low cost.

Facial mesotherapy (mesolift, mesoglow) offers the necessary ingredients and nourishment to the skin, while the nappage technique simultaneously tightens the skin.

Vampire face lift EN

The vampire face lift is nothing new in Cosmetic Medicine.

In Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the Vamprire Face Lift is used preventively at ages under 30, to prevent the breakdown of collagen, while at the age of 40 it is used to slow down the aging process.

In ages 50 and over it is used therapeutically by reversing the breakdown of collagen and strengthening the skin with new collagen.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a skin protein found in abundance in the intercellular space of the skin, tendons, cartilage and other tissues of the body. It is produced by fibroblasts and is responsible for the elasticity and strength of tissues.

Time along with external factors such as smoking, stress, and sunlight (especially UVB) are responsible for the breakdown of collagen. When the skin’s collagen breaks down, it loses its firmness and sags.

Vampire Face Lift is a method of collagen activation with Growth Factors produced exclusively from the platelets of the same organism = PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma autologous therapy.

In other words, it is a technique of completely natural stimulation of the cells (fibroblasts) of the same organism. Results become apparent gradually and are long-lasting.

The treatment of autologous injectable mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma is suitable for all ages and can be repeated every 4-6 months.