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Baby botox EN


Baby botox is the new trend in cosmetic surgery. This term of course does not describe the application of Botox to babies but refers to the application of half the amount of Botox.

With baby botox, the look does not freeze and the facial expression does not change. The movement of the muscles of expression continues with less intensity and wrinkles appear less pronounced.

What are the differences between baby and normal standard – good botox?
The difference lies in the use of a smaller dose, namely half a dose of Botox. Very fine wrinkles disappear, the most intense wrinkles are softened while the expression does not freeze. Baby botox can also be used preventively against wrinkles. The cost of the treatment starts lower than the price of regular botox and depends on the units-quantity that will be used. The duration of its effects may be shorter than the duration of standard Botox.

Target Audience;
It is aimed at younger ages, i.e. from the age of 20, as well as at those who do not want to freeze their expression (for example, actors, teachers and others).

What should we look out for?
The application of baby botox should be done by an experienced specialist doctor. The natural results of the application depend on the amount of the drug and also on the points of its injection.

Extra tip
Botox or baby botox (botox, dysport) can also be applied exclusively to certain parts of the face by weakening a specific group of muscles. Let’s not forget that Botox is not only therapeutic for wrinkles but also preventive for the non-appearance of wrinkles. And in this case the application must be done by a sufficiently experienced specialist doctor for natural results.

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