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Definition of Brachioplasty and who it concerns

Brachioplasty is the correction of laxity in the arms (arms). Relaxation in this area concerns women more and more from the age of 40 (avoid wearing sleeveless tops, etc.). The skin on the arms has the peculiarity of being quite vulnerable even to small fluctuations in weight.

Brachioplasty is part of Bariatric Medicine (Obesity Medicine), the specialty of medicine that deals exclusively with the problems of overweight people, both with treatment regimens to combat obesity, and with the treatment of the problems that arise after major weight loss.

The skin after large fluctuations in weight loses its elasticity and does not return to its previous state.

Arm Plastic Procedure (hands – arms) The procedure is relatively simple.

The person concerned comes to the clinic on the morning of the day of surgery and, after the scheduled check-up, the arm plastic surgery is performed under local and sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of relaxation.

The plastic incision in the arms (arms) can be limited to the armpit or extend along the inner part of the arms (T-shaped incision).

The sutures are intradermal and absorbable.

The patient after the operation can stay one night in the clinic and leave the next morning, always with the appropriate instructions

Recovery – Arm Plastic Recovery Time
Arm plastic surgery recovery is relatively easy. The patient should wear a light pressure bandage until the 10th day. It is recommended to return to activities after 10 days. No exercise is allowed in the first month. The operation is not painful, but there may be a pulling sensation at the scar site.

Side Effects – Complications of Arm Plastic Surgery
Complications and side effects are rare. The most common possible side effects are impaired healing and inflammation.

Results of Arm Plastic Surgery
The results of the operation to correct the sagging in the arms are permanent, provided that a constant body weight is maintained.

Cost of Arms Plastic Surgery
The cost is proportional to the extent of relaxation and anesthesia.


Arm Plastic Surgery is a common operation in Plastic Surgery in recent years, because it concerns more and more women of normal weight who are bothered by loose skin on the arms. It also applies to women and men with sagging after a large weight loss.

The success of arm plastic surgery depends on the correct selection and assessment of candidates and the correct planning of the operation. The plastic surgeon must have the appropriate experience to assess the candidates, but also to properly plan the operation.