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Breast augmentation


It is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures involving the female sex, especially in Western culture.

Which women are affected by breast augmentation?

It applies to all women who wish to:

  • larger breast volume,
  • to correct some asymmetry
  • to correct the slight fall.

After pregnancies or small weight fluctuations, the breast often ’empties’, while it shows a slight drop. Placing the prostheses corrects the ’emptying’ of the breast and the drop when it is small.

Breast Augmentation Procedure
The breast augmentation procedure is simple.

On the morning of the day of the operation, the necessary pre-operative check is carried out with the interested fasting person. The surgery is then performed and the implants are placed behind the breast (directly behind the gland or behind the gland and muscle).

Choosing the placement of the prosthesis depends on many factors, including:

  • the anatomy of the breast,
  • the skin,
  • the tumor and
  • the need to fix some small drop.

This is how we distinguish:

  • subfascial placement,
  • under the pectoralis major muscle placement, or
  • partial placement under the pectoralis major and fascia (dual plan).

The surgical incision through which the prosthesis is placed may vary.

We mention:

  • periammillary incision (around the nipple),
  • submammary incision (hidden in the submammary fold),
  • axillary incision (hidden in the armpit).

The latter was common in the last decade, but was abandoned because it tended to place the prepositions high. The incision hidden in the inframammary fold is also the most popular.

Silicone prostheses are distinguished according to:

  • their shape: round (high & low profile), and anatomical like a teardrop or drop (high & low profile)
  • their surface (smooth or textured).

The choice depends on the shape of the chest, the desired projection, as well as other factors. The decision to choose the prosthesis should be made by the Plastic Surgeon, always in consultation with the patient. The breast augmentation procedure lasts 1 – 1.5 hours, and it is possible to leave the clinic on the same day following instructions.

Recovery – Breast Augmentation Recovery Time
The application of a special sports bra is recommended for the first month, as well as good hydration of the skin of the chest so that it does not pull due to stretching. The sutures of the incision are made intradermally and are absorbable. In 4-5 days, the person concerned can return to her activities. Gymnastics is allowed after the first month.

Additional information – Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation

How do I choose the breast implant size I want?
To have an idea of the desired size, we suggest filling two bags with a certain amount of water, and placing them under a tight T-shirt. In this way, the plastic surgeon is given an order of prosthesis size that the interested party wishes.

Is breastfeeding affected?
Breastfeeding is not affected by the intention. Today’s dentures are guaranteed for life, and do not need to be replaced. The housing of the prostheses is made of silicone, while the contents may contain silicone gel or water. In breast augmentation, in 90% of cases, silicone implants with silicone gel content are placed. The mammography and ultrasound are carried out exactly as before, with the only difference that we will have to tell the operator about the presence of implants. Today’s implants – prostheses have been fully exempted from the possibility of the manifestation of any disease.

Side effects – Complications after Breast Augmentation – Prosthetics
With the latest technology prostheses, side effects – complications (inflammation – shrinking capsule) are rare. The choice of the prosthesis and its placement location by the Plastic Surgeon plays an important role in the results of the prosthesis.

Breast Augmentation Results
The results are permanent, and there is no need to change intentions. Over time (many years) and due to gravity it is possible for dentures to shift and require replacement or corrective surgery.

Cost – Price of Breast Augmentation
The cost of breast augmentation depends mainly on the choice of prostheses to be placed, as well as whether a lifting operation is performed at the same time. In any case, the cost is adjusted to the needs and expectations of the interested party.


Breast augmentation is done by placing prostheses behind the mass gland (subfascial, dual plan, under the pectoralis major muscle), depending on the indications. Breast augmentation with silicone prostheses is the operation of choice to increase breast volume. It is a method that is safe, and its results are long-lasting. The Plastic Surgeon must have the relevant experience for excellent, long-lasting results. Breast augmentation along with liposuction are the most common procedures in Plastic Surgery