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Breast lift


Recovery – Breast Lift – Mastopexia Recovery Time
The recovery is very short and without special precautions. The patient can return to her activities after 7 days. She must wear an elastic compression bra for as long as the plastic surgeon decides. Exercise is allowed after 3 weeks. The whole operation is not painful at all, and the breast acquires its final shape and projection in the trimester.

Definition of Breast Lift – Mastopexy

Who is Mastopexia for?

The breast lift (breasts) or mastopexy is the operation that corrects the drooping – sagging and shape of the breast. It is aimed at women who, after pregnancies or weight fluctuations, experience drooping, relaxation, or “emptying” of the breast.

Plastic Breast Lift Procedure
The procedure is simple. On the morning of the scheduled operation, the patient comes to the clinic fasting, where the standard pre-operative check-up is carried out. This is followed by surgery under general anesthesia. The surgical incisions – scars are proportional to the extent of relaxation – fall of the mass gland. In mastopexy, no gland is removed, only skin. After breast lift surgery, it is recommended that the patient wear a special compression sports bra for 2 to 3 weeks. The sutures are intradermal and absorbable.

Additional Information – Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Lift – Mastopexy

When do we consider a breast to have ‘fallen’?
The breast is considered droopy when the nipple or a large part of its mass is below the inframammary fold (the fold that separates the breast from the chest wall).

How is breast sagging corrected?
The skin around the nipple is removed, and the nipple is placed higher. At the same time, the shape and projection of the breast is corrected with corrections to the gland.

Where are the incisions and scars placed in Breast Lift?
We have the incision – scar around the nipple, which extends perpendicular to it, and creates an inverted T, or is limited to the vertical leg of the inverted T. When the scar matures, it looks like a very thin line that is difficult to distinguish.

What happens in case of future pregnancy and impending breastfeeding?
Breastfeeding is allowed, but it is recommended to avoid it in order not to relax the breast again. The results of the breast lift are affected by weight fluctuations. The breast lift can be combined with the simultaneous augmentation – breast augmentation.

Side Effects – Breast Lift Complications
Possible side effects – complications are inflammation, bleeding, impaired healing, hypoesthesia and others. Side effects are rare and easily treated.

Breast Lift Results
The results of breast augmentation are permanent, provided you maintain a stable body weight.


Breast lift surgery is a common procedure in Plastic Surgery.
It corrects breast ’emptiness’ after pregnancy or after weight fluctuations with natural results, and can be combined with breast augmentation surgery. A breast lift improves the droop, shape and projection of the breast. The plastic surgeon must have the appropriate experience to give the breast the correct profile.