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Buttock Lift


Buttoplasty can be combined with:

  • placement of implants – prostheses,
  • placement of autologous fat,
  • injection of hyaluronic acid (macrolane),
  • liposuction.

The patient stays in the clinic for one night, and is discharged the next day with instructions.

Definition of Butt Lift – Buttoplasty

Buttock plastic surgery (buttock lift) corrects sagging skin and subcutaneous fat in the buttock area. Loose skin along with subcutaneous fat is removed, creating tight, sculpted buttocks.

Along with abdominoplasty, thigh lift and arm plastic surgery, it is part of Bariatric Medicine (Obesity Medicine) which deals with the problems that arise after major weight loss.

Sedentary life, weight loss, obesity and gravity are the most common causes of sagging buttocks. In recent years he has been gaining more and more fans, mainly women.

Buttock Plastic – Lift procedure
The process is simple. On the morning of the day of the operation, the necessary pre-operative check is done with the interested person fasting. The surgery is followed by general anesthesia, or local and intoxication when the relaxation is little. The options of the technique are many and are proportional to the indications.

Recovery – Recovery Time after Butt Lift
After 7 days, the patient can sit up. At 15 days he returns to his/her activities. The sutures are intradermal and absorbable. Gymnastics is allowed after the first month. Full recovery takes place in the month.

Additional Information – Butt Lift FAQs:

Where is the buttock plastic incision – scar placed?
Each technique results in a different scar. For great relaxation, especially after a lot of weight loss, the scar is hidden inside the underwear, and is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the torso (it can be part of the rounder abdominoplasty). In cases where a lot of removal is not required skin and subcutaneous fat, the scar is hidden between the buttocks (intergluteal groove). There are also cases where only the lower part of the skin of the buttocks can be removed, the so-called banana removal.

Can the placement of implants (fat, hyaluronic, prostheses) alone correct the buttocks?
In cases where we have a small loss of muscle mass or slight relaxation, we can correct the sagging of the buttocks by placing implants (silicone, fat or hyaluronic prostheses – Macrolane), without skin removal. In all other cases, we combine the lifting of the buttocks with placement of the implants, when the interested party wants more volume in the buttocks.

Can exercise correct sagging buttock skin?
Skin laxity is not corrected by exercise. In other words, the skin does not exercise. The skin can be attached to the underlying musculature, which can help tighten it a bit, but it’s not enough.

What do we mean by the term Brazilian Buttock Lift?
The term is used when lifting and projecting the buttocks by injecting autologous fat.

Side effects – Complications after plastic surgery on the buttocks
Side effects are usually limited to healing problems for extensive incisions, which are easily treated. Other possible side effects are hematoma, inflammation, etc.

Results of Buttock Lift – Prosthetic
The results are permanent, provided the body weight is maintained.

Cost – Price of Butt Lift – Buttock Prosthetic
The cost of plastic surgery of the buttocks depends on the extent of relaxation and the technique of the operation. In addition, it depends on the use or not of implants (silicone prostheses, fat, hyaluronic).


Buttock lifting surgery is the only option for correcting the sagging of the skin of the buttocks. It can be combined with the placement of implants and liposuction. The Plastic Surgeon must have the relevant experience for the correct planning of the operation, after discussing with the person concerned, his/her expectations, but also the presence of incisions – scars.

Buttock plastic surgery is an operation of medium severity and duration that has been carried out more and more in recent years in Plastic Surgery, with satisfactory results for the person concerned.