Before a Plastic Surgery operation

Before a 
Plastic Surgery 

The procedure for Plastic Surgery procedures is relatively simple.

  • It is recommended to stop aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID, voltaren, naprosyn, etc.), as well as multivitamin preparations 15 days to three weeks before surgery.
  • Smoking should also be stopped or reduced to a minimum.
  • The right candidate for Plastic Surgery Services is in good health, with no particular problems and is a non-smoker.
  • For some services, pre-operative tests are required.
  • The patient enters the clinic on the day of the operation, having fasted for 8 hours. Medication (which the patient may take in the morning for thyroid or hypertension) can be taken with very little water.
  • After the operation, there should be good cooperation between the Plastic Surgeon and the patient, who should follow the instructions that will be given. The guidelines are about avoiding any complications and getting the wound to heal faster and better.
  • Usually the patient stays in the clinic for one night, and is discharged the next morning with the appropriate instructions.
  • Afterwards, the postoperative course is systematically monitored in the plastic surgeon’s office.
  • The return to daily activities is proportional to the operation and is usually between one and two weeks.
  • Full recovery after surgery can take a month or more.
  • Scars are slow to heal. Their maturation takes place over time, and until then they have a dynamic that can change their appearance and color. Thus, the Plastic Surgeon along with the patient should be in communication for immediate treatment.
  • Each patient and Plastic Surgery procedure has his or her own particularities. Surgical technique and post-operative instructions are individualized. For this reason, the relationship between patient and plastic surgeon should be based on honesty, while expectations for the results of the operation should be analyzed and realistic.
  • The results depend to a large extent on the surgical technique, age, skin quality, but also on following the instructions that will be given after the surgery.