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What is cellulite and where does it appear?

This is a malformation of the appearance of the skin that looks like an orange peel. It is due to the malfunctioning of the superficial layer of fat located just below the skin.

Cellulitis is a “female” type affecting most women and very rarely men. It can appear on different parts of the body such as legs, abdomen, hands.

Causes and factors affecting cellulite

Its causes are many, including female hormones, smoking, stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, heredity, sagging skin, problematic lymphatic circulation and a sedentary lifestyle.

It is not linked to obesity but its picture can worsen in obese people.

The appearance of the skin, like an orange peel, is due to congestion-malfunctioning of the body’s superficial fat. Conversely, the fat that is located even deeper is what is responsible for stubborn fat, the fat that goes away with liposuction.

Treatment and treatment of cellulite

In order to effectively deal with the problem of cellulitis, we must fight all the factors responsible for its presence. It is necessary to start a program of systematic exercise and proper nutrition.

Mesotherapy (injectable surface treatment with agents that improve blood and lymphatic circulation while simultaneously tightening the skin) is the number one treatment in the fight against cellulitis.
Usually 6-8 treatments are needed at intervals of 1-2 weeks. From the third treatment, the appearance of the skin improves noticeably. The treatment is painless and leaves no marks.

– In cases where the cellulitis is quite intense, mechanical massage is combined with LPG Endermologie. The massage sessions can reach 16-20 (2-3 per week).

Liposuction is the treatment method for local stubborn fat. This is not a method of treating cellulitis, but it can improve its appearance.