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How exactly do they contribute to antiaging?
Aging is a state of mild chronic inflammation that leads tissues to decline in function.
Exosomes exert a strong anti-inflammatory effect by restoring the damage from chronic inflammation, i.e. the damage of aging!!!

EXOSOMATS exosomes, the new treatment that revolutionizes the field of Regenerative Medicine.

What exactly is exosome therapy?
Exosomes are nanoparticles-vesicles derived from stem cells that carry growth factors, cytokines, proteins, nucleotides and lipids.

What are their differences from stem cells?
They are a better and safer choice than stem cells because they penetrate more efficiently into the cells carrying all the information and material they need.
Also, precisely because they are not cells but cell derivatives, they do not have the ability to multiply, which makes them safer than stem cells!!
These are their main differences from stem cells.

They also exercise
– strong antioxidant action helping to correct damage from oxidative stress #oxidativestress

What other actions do #exosomes have?
-They have a strong vascular action (they make new vessels)
-protect the DNA of the cells from the deterioration of time
-contribute to cell homeostasis
– produce up to 690% more collagen and 300% more elastin

In a few words
FIGHT inflammation
– They PENETRATE better and are safer than stem cells.

In the clinic we have ASCEplus SRKV which contains the 1st exosome in the world derived from stem cells filtered with the innovative ExoSCRT technology!!!

We apply them with the help of the micro needling technique with local anesthetic cream.
The person concerned can immediately return to his/her activities.
The results become immediately visible from the next day while they continue to improve for another 1-2 months.

A second application after a month is recommended for optimal results!