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Injectable lipolysis


Injectable Lipolysis – Lipolysis Mesotherapy

The mesotherapy of lipolysis provides a solution to a small area of local thickness, improving the proportions of the body. Suitable candidates are those who have a small local thickness problem and do not wish surgery.

Injectable lipolysis treats localized fat anywhere on the body. It can also improve asymmetries created after liposuction.

Injectable Lipolysis Procedure (Lipolysis Mesotherapy)
The procedure of injectable lipolysis is simple. No preparation is needed at all. We start by pre-marking the areas where the product will be applied and injected. The injections are relatively painless, and no topical anesthetic cream is needed.

The substance used is Phosphatidylcholine, which has the ability to dissolve fat cells. To address cellulite fat (more superficial fat) at the same time, we inject more superficial substance cocktails containing caffeine, artichoke extract and organic silicon.

It takes 4 – 8 sessions at intervals of 7 to 15 days to get the desired results.

Recovery – Recovery Time after Injectable Lipolysis (Lipolysis Mesotherapy)
After the injections, absolutely no precautions are needed. The return to daily activities is immediate. A salt-free diet, adequate oral hydration with fluids, and massage of the area are recommended for the next two days.

Side Effects – Complications after Injectable Lipolysis (Lipolysis Mesotherapy)
After application, it is possible to have local swelling (swelling), redness (redness), oozing (bruises) and itching lasting up to 2 days. The results are permanent, but maintenance is recommended.


Injectable lipolysis is an alternative method of treating localized fat, especially when it is small, and cellulite. It can also improve the results of liposuction.