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Liquid face lifting


Liquid or Injectable Facelift

The liquid lifting comes to provide an immediate renewal solution lasting two to three years and without recovery time.

Definition of Liquid or Injectable Facelift

It is a combination of Botox Dysport and various other injectable implants – fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Voluma).

With Botox Dysport:

  • soften or eliminate expression wrinkles (forehead, forehead, eyes),
  • we improve wrinkles on the upper lip of the mouth, as well as wrinkles around the mouth,
  • we improve the outline – oval of the face (Nefertiti lift).

With fillers – implants (Restylane, Perlane, Pluryal, Juvederm, Voluma):

  • fill the wrinkles (nasolabial folds, forehead, forehead, upper and lower lip of the mouth),
  • we restore the facial volumes (cheekbones, tear trough deformity – tear trough that forms just below the inner corner of the eyelid, chin, corners of the mouth – mouth lifting, lips – lip contour).

Liquid or Injectable Facelift Procedure
The process is very simple. The plastic surgeon, having thoroughly examined the face, focuses on the areas that need volume, lifting and filling. Then, if necessary, a small amount of anesthetic cream is applied to the face. We start by applying the hyaluronic where needed. We complete the treatment with the injection of Botox Dysport. The whole procedure is completely painless, it is done in the doctor’s office and does not exceed 1 hour. There is an immediate improvement in the shape of the face – softening of wrinkles (hyaluronic action), while the results of the Botox Dysport application start to appear after 4 days. After one week, the treatment can be completed with a chemical peel or a mesolift for radiance and firming.

Recovery – Recovery Time after Liquid or Injectable Facelift
Recovery is immediate, without abstaining from activities.

Additional Information – Liquid or Injectable Facelift FAQs

How long do the results of Liquid Injectable Facelift last?
The duration of the results is from one year to 2 years, maybe even longer. Even when the action of the implants wears off, the person remains benefited.

Why should I prefer hyaluronic that lasts up to 1.5 years over permanent materials that last much longer?
The shape, proportions, features of the face change over time. Permanent materials do not ‘follow’ the features of the face, with the result that after many years the position they have been placed in looks unnatural. In addition, the body can react in the products of permanent materials. Hyaluronic acid is a natural product with a specific life time (it depends on the depth it is injected). An exception to permanent materials is autologous fat, i.e. the fat of our body. With the liposuction method, we suck from the abdominal area a certain amount of fat that we then inject into the face.

By injecting fat, the person benefits twice:

  • creating volume – filling wrinkles,
  • collagen production.

Fat is the least developed tissue in the human body (lame cells), and contains a large percentage of mesenchymal cells that have the ability to mimic the cells of the recipient area. Thus, they adapt more easily to the needs of the skin of the face, produce collagen, elastin, and we have tightening.

Are there any precautions before or after Liquid Facelift?
Precautions are the same as for Botox Dysport and Hyaluronic (avoid lying down for 4 hours after application – for Botox Dysport)

Target Audience;
It is aimed at those who do not want to undergo the inconvenience of the facelift operation and have a small or moderate degree of relaxation.

How many years can one win?
With proper planning by the plastic surgeon, time is turned back by 3 – 5 or even more.

Liquid Injectable Facelift Side Effects
Possible side effects are minor skin irritation that disappears in a few hours.

Cost – Price of Liquid Injectable Facelift
The cost of the Liquid Facelift depends to a large extent on the quantities of the products to be used. In any case, it is adapted to the needs and expectations of the person concerned, always remaining affordable.


The Liquid Facelift quickly and immediately corrects the face painlessly, with the person concerned immediately returning to his/her activities. The Plastic Surgeon, knowing the correct proportions of the face, can with the appropriate manipulations straighten the face, soften the wrinkles and to correct the tumors.