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Microdermabrasion with diamonds

Diamond microdermabrasion is a non-invasive and painless treatment for immediate skin radiance and rejuvenation.

It is a routine treatment that, with the help of a device, removes the dead cells of the stratum corneum of the skin while at the same time promoting the production of new collagen.

The application takes a few minutes of the hour (15-20), no preparation is needed and the person concerned immediately returns to his/her activities.

What are the indications for the treatment and who is it for?

It is aimed at women and men who have dull skin with pigmented lesions – spots, enlarged pores and very fine wrinkles.

It is also aimed at everyone who wants to maintain a beautiful, clean, shiny and soft skin.


What is the mechanism of action of microdermabrasion?

The method is based on the use of a special suction device that has a head made of diamond-type material at its end.

By applying the head to the skin, mechanical friction-scraping or otherwise mechanical peeling is performed. At the same time, suction promotes the creation of new skin collagen and improves its microcirculation.

Very fine wrinkles disappear while the complexion and appearance of the skin improves.

Treatment results

  • The results are immediately visible.
  • The skin is cleansed and regenerated.
  • Very fine wrinkles and spots – pigmentation lesions are softened.
  • Usually 3-4 sessions are needed for best results.
  • The method can be combined with other treatments, such as tightening or hydration mesotherapy at the same time for better results.