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Profhilo Body EN


The number one non-invasive treatment for restoring skin elasticity to the body.

Profhilo Body is a promising treatment for difficult areas of the body such as the inner arms, knees, abdomen and thighs.

One session is enough to see an improvement of at least 50% in elasticity and
skin firmness.

With Profhilo Body, a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid, 3 ml mixed molecular weight NAHYCO hybrid technology is injected into 10 BAP points in each area, for example 3 ml on the right arm and 3 ml on the left arm.

What are the results of Profhilo Body?

-immediate and deep long-lasting hydration
-52% tightening within one month based on clinics
-body sculpting
-improving the appearance of stretch marks
-production of all 4 types of collagen
-stem cell production that restores both the
skin as well as subcutaneous fat

The treatment includes 4 patches containing hyaluronic, arnica and antioxidants for immediate relief after the treatment, as well as body cream with hyaluronic 150 ml for local application in the areas where Profhilo Body was applied.

2 treatments within a month are recommended for optimal results.