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Profhilo EN


In which areas is it applied?

it\s applied
-on the face,
-on the neck,
– in hands,
-on the arms and abdomen

PROFHILO – injectable treatment that promotes the support of the oval of the face in a unique way

What is Profhilo and why is it unique?

Profhilo is a new injectable anti-aging and skin firming-relaxing treatment.
It contains low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (a key component of the extracellular substance of the tissues, i.e. the substance found between the cells and whose main role is the binding of water), which interact with each other in a unique way based on Hydrolift Action technology.

What does this mean in practice?

The innovative composition of Profhilo makes it unique in restoring skin hydration in a natural way while at the same time improving its elasticity-firmness.

What are the effects of Profhilo?

– Profhilo deeply moisturizes the skin,
-promotes the synthesis of new collagen,
– improves elasticity
-gives shine and
-restores skin firmness

How is it applied?

With the BAP technique, i.e. injecting at 5 points on each side of the face or neck.
The whole process is quick and painless.
After applying an anesthetic cream for 15 minutes, we proceed to inject the product into the BAP points.
We call BAP points bio-aesthetic points because they are the points that need more hydration and support.
From those points, the product will spread in a natural, unique and three-dimensional manner in a radius of about 2 centimeters, creating hydration and support for the face, restoring its oval.
After application there may be some slight swelling at the injection sites which will resolve in 4 to 24 hours maximum.

What to expect after application?

Two sessions are required 4 weeks apart.
From the first day, the results gradually begin to be seen, while after 8 weeks the skin looks incredibly shiny, hydrated and firm as new collagen and elastin will have been created.
Profhilo does not swell or alter facial features.
Needs maintenance with one application after 6-9 months.

From what age is Profhilo treatment indicated?

After the age of 30 for prevention and preservation of youth as well as for older ages that see the first signs of loss of elasticity and the first wrinkles.

Conclusion: Profhilo injectable treatment awarded as unique and innovative of its kind


Profhilo combines two hyaluronics of different molecular weight 2 ml and 64mg/dl of total molecular weight that interact in a unique way offering immediate and continuous reconstruction of the tissues restoring the tumors to the support points. It combines deep hydration with the mechanical action of lifting without altering the features of the face.