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The results of each session are added together with the results of the previous ones.

After the Laser Fractional treatment, sunscreen protection is recommended.

In order for the results to last, maintenance is needed with 1-2 sessions a year.

The newest Lasers that we use for regeneration are of Erbium Fractional technology, that is, they affect the surface of the skin in sections, leaving passages of intact skin that help in quick healing and recovery.

The creation of zones of high heat between the intact zones prompts the skin to produce collagen and elastin.

Thus the skin is regenerated, fine wrinkles disappear, scars and stretch marks improve.

The results become visible gradually over time (continuous improvement up to 3-6 months).

The immediate results are a slight swelling of the area that lasts 1-2 days and gives the impression of immediate improvement.

Then all the healing processes begin, resulting in the creation of new collagen.

3 – 4 sessions are needed with an interval of 1 month.