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Scar correction


What scars do we correct?

We correct: 

  • atrophic scar (scar with imprint due to lack of collagen and elastin),
  • hypertrophic scar (scar caused by excessive collagen growth, remaining at the edges of the incision),
  • keloid (a very raised scar that extends beyond the boundaries of the incision from excessive collagen growth).

Scar correction

A scar has healed well when it is of normal width, color and depth. A scar cannot disappear, but it can be replaced by a better quality scar. The plastic surgeon intervenes surgically (scar restoration, scar revision) when the scar has matured. That is, a year has passed since its creation. This happens because the scar until it matures has a dynamic to change.

How can we fix a scar?

A scar is repaired by:

  • the color (correction of dark or red color),
  • the depth (correction of scar atrophy or hypertrophy),
  • the width,
  • the direction.

Scar Treatment:

There are many possibilities for the plastic surgeon to correct a scar.

We distinguish between conservative treatment and surgery.

In the conservative treatment, we have at our disposal pressure with silicone sheets, steroid injections, hyaluronic acid injections, lasers of the latest technology type erbium fractional.

Surgical treatment consists in removing the scar, creating a new scar with better healing conditions.