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In recent years, lasers have gained more and more of our trust, as a result of which they are widely used.

The name Laser comes from the initials Laser Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, i.e. production of light with a specific length, color and specific course of direction.

So, the application of Lasers in Plastic Surgery is targeted and absolutely controlled.

They are characterized by a quick application process, immediate recovery - recovery, without abstaining from daily activities.

Tattoo removal

Factors affecting laser tattoo removal Factors affecting laser tattoo removal are: its age (the older the better); its depth (the


The results of each session are added together with the results of the previous ones. After the Laser Fractional treatment,

Permanent Hair Removal

The intervals between hair removal sessions vary depending on the area, but also on the appearance of hair growth. It