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Skin needling EN


What is Skin Needling (microneedling Roller, DermaRoller, Roll-CIT) and how is it applied?

Skin Needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment. The Skin Needling treatment is applied with the help of a small cylinder we call Roll-CIT (microneedling, Roller), which carries on its surface many small needles of infinitesimal diameter. The application of Roll-CIT (microneedling Roller) to the skin creates a micro-injury, without alteration of the skin surface. Injury stimulates all healing mechanisms and creates new epithelium, new elastin and new collagen. In addition to the new collagen formation, we have better penetration of the products applied immediately after the treatment into the skin, and the benefit with the application of Skin Needling is twofold.

Application procedure of Skin Needling (microneedling Roller, Roll-CIT, Dermaroller)?
Before applying the Roll-CIT (microneedling Roller), we apply anesthetic cream to the area for about 20 minutes. We then proceed to apply it (Roll-CIT, microneedling Roller, dermaroller), rolling in all directions to create infinite micro-injuries that will prompt the skin to produce new collagen, new elastin and new epithelium. Finally, we will boost collagen production by applying products from Environ’s Ionzyne Cquence line or mesotherapy multivitamins.

Recovery – Recovery Time after Skin Needling
Recovery is very quick and immediate. Immediately after application, the person concerned can return to work. In the area where the needling has been applied there is slight redness which is easily covered. In one to two days the erythema disappears.

Additional Information – Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Needling

How many sessions of Skin Needling (microneedling Roller, Roll-CIT, dermaroller) are needed?
Usually 4 to 6 Needling sessions are recommended, spaced one week to 10 days apart.

If I do a single Skin Needling treatment, will it work?
The results of needling are not lost, even when the person concerned makes a single application. The healing mechanism is triggered, and the effects of creating new collagen act long-term.

Is the application of Skin Needling painful?
The application of Skin Needling is completely painless. Skin Needling can also be applied during the summer months. Skin Needling is combined with the operation of liposuction – liposculpture at the same surgical time to improve the quality and elasticity of the skin of the liposuctioned area.

What are the areas that can benefit from Skin Needling treatment?
Skin needling can be applied to all skin areas without exception, provided they are free of acne or pimples.

Side Effects – Complications of Skin Needling
There is absolutely no side effect or complication with Skin Needling. The injury is painless, minimal, leaves no scars and is only sufficient to stimulate the mechanisms of healing and new neocollagenogenesis.

Results after Skin Needling treatment (microneedling Roller, Roll-CIT)
With Skin Needling treatment we have:

  • skin tightening
  • disappearance of fine wrinkles
  • improvement of discolorations
  • increased skin resilience

and when applied to the body we have:

  • improvement of stretch marks and cellulitis,
  • scar improvement.

The results are particularly impressive for: 

  • crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eye)
  • the outline of the face and
  • the neck

while there is continuous improvement even after the end of the treatments, i.e. we have the maximum results during the 3rd to 6th month.

Cost – Price of Skin Needling treatment
The cost is adjusted according to the number of areas to be mesotherapy applied and the use of vitamins after the application. The cost does not exceed the cost of mesotherapy.


The treatment with Skin Needling – Microneedling (ROll-Cit, Roller) is a natural regeneration, tightening treatment.

It causes the creation of new collagen in a natural and painless way, based on the principles of the Physiology of the human body (the creation of collagen after trauma).