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Thigh lift


Who does thigh plastic surgery concern?

Plastic surgery on the thighs is for men and women who show relaxation on the inner surface of the thigh, after large fluctuations in weight.

Definition Thigh lift (thigh lift, thigh plastic)

Thigh plastic or thigh lift is the operation that corrects the laxity on the inner surface of the thighs (adductor surface).

Thigh Lift-Plastic Procedure
The thigh lift procedure is very simple. On the day of surgery, the patient comes to the clinic fasting, where the standard pre-operative check-up is carried out. A little later the surgery is performed. Through an incision hidden in the fold formed between the pubic and thigh, the skin is lifted, and the loose skin is removed. The surgical incision – scar that is created is hidden inside the underwear. Depending on the extent of the problem, this scar can extend along the inner surface of the thigh. At the end of the surgery, a special corset is worn in the thigh area which is recommended to be worn for 2 to 3 weeks 24 hours a day. The duration of the thigh lift operation is approximately 1.5 hours. The next morning the patient returns home with instructions.

Recovery – Plastic Surgery Recovery Time – Thigh Lift
Recovery is relatively easy. The sutures are intradermal and absorbable. There may be a pulling sensation at the incision sites post-operatively. The person concerned can return to work after 7-10 days. No exercise is allowed for the first month.

Additional Information – Frequently Asked Questions about Thigh Plastic Surgery
Thigh lift can be combined with liposuction at the same time of surgery. The special corset must be worn, because it helps with internal healing. Along with abdominoplasty (and abdominoplasty), buttock lift and brachioplasty, it is part of Bariatric Medicine (Obesity Medicine) that deals with the problems that arise after large fluctuations in weight, and concern both women and men.

Complications – Thigh Plastic Side Effects
Side effects – complications are rare, and have more to do with healing or inflammation issues that are easily treated.

Thigh Lift Results
The skin area on the inner surface of the thighs is quite vulnerable (due to movement – friction, etc.), and the duration of the results depends on many factors, such as age, diet, heredity and others. So the results may not last as long as intended, but they always remain undeniably improved.

Cost – Price of Thigh Plastic

The cost of thigh plastic surgery is proportional to the extent of the problem. This is a medium-term operation.


Plastic – Thigh Lift corrects sagging in the thighs and is a common operation in Plastic Surgery. It applies to women and men after large or sudden weight fluctuations. The skin on the inner surface of the thighs is quite vulnerable to fluctuations in weight and friction. The results of thigh lift are permanent, but they last less over time than other lifting operations. The success of Thigh Plastic Surgery largely depends on the correct planning and the surgical technique chosen by the Plastic Surgeon.