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Vulva Plastic Surgery


Vuloplasty is the plastic surgery that corrects the deformities and asymmetries of the labia minora. At the same time, it improves the adolescent’s shape, intervening when necessary on the labia majora.

It concerns women of any age who wish, for functional or aesthetic reasons, to correct asymmetric or uneven labia minora or to improve the adolescent image in general.

Vaginal Plastic Procedure
The process is simple. The patient enters the clinic on the morning of the operation. After the scheduled check-up, the vulvar plastic surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

There are many surgical techniques. The classic method is longitudinal subtraction. However, since this method tends to remove a lot of skin and mucous membrane, the V-plasty method is preferred.

The incision is very small, invisible and has absorbable stitches that do not need to be removed.

In large lips, we intervene by filling them with hyaluronic or autologous fat, thus improving their shape.

Recovery – Recovery Time from Vulvar Plastic Surgery
Recovery is short. After 4-5 days, the patient can return to her activities. Full recovery takes place in 2-3 weeks.

Side Effects – Complications after Vulvar Plastic Surgery
Of the side effects, we mention possible area hematoma or inflammation.

Results of Vulvar Plastic Surgery
The results of the labia minora intervention are permanent. They improve the area aesthetically as well as functionally. The injection of hyaluronic acid into the labia majora lasts 1-1.5 years, while with fat the results are permanent.

Cost of Vulvar Plastic Surgery
The cost of the operation is not high and depends on the interventions that will be performed on the teenager.


Plastic surgery on the vulva is a simple operation that has become increasingly common in recent years in Plastic Surgery. This operation can concern female athletes who feel some discomfort during their exercise, young girls who want to improve their sex life, or older women who notice changes in the vulva due to childbirth and hormonal changes.

The Plastic Surgeon removes excess skin from the labia minora, improving the shape. The labia majora is filled with hyaluronic acid or fat where needed, and their hollow shape is improved. Plastic surgery on the vulva is a simple operation that gives almost complete satisfaction of the results to the interested party.